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PE: Strength & Conditioning

2022-2023 Trimester 1 Information

Please go to the Google Classroom to see and access the following items:

- Weekly Workouts

- Lifting Baselines

- Class Handouts 


Welcome to Strength and Conditioning

Standard Week

Monday & Friday: Weight Room

Tuesday & Thursday: Circuit, HIIT Training, Agility & Cardiovascular Workouts

Wednesday: Strength and Conditioning Lessons & Flexibility/Yoga/Rolling Out


Stretching Video Resource


Foam Roller Video


Example of Finals

Trimester 1 students (Here are good examples of video created in the past)

Video #1

Video #2 (Must be logged into your CUSD Account to View this video)


Trimester 2 students (Both examples are not fully complete A assignments, but are great examples of how to get started)

8 Week Plan #1

8 Week Plan #2

Strength and Conditioning Articles

Why Youth Strength and Conditioning Matters


Here is a list of more articles:

National Strength and Conditioning Association Article List



The Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research: Most Popular Articles