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Sage Creek Class Cup

Class Cup Announcements

Class Cup Competition is in full swing!!!

After two great spirit day showings, Seniors fly past the freshman into first place!

As we get close to winter break be sure to get points for your class by signing in at class cup check-in on spirit days.

Shout-Out to Senior Angel Zayas-Vargas and Junior Marilu Matadamas for winning the Halloween costume contest as the couple from UP!

Current Competition

Pep Rally Balloon Conga Race:

Seniors: 200 points

Say Something Spirit Day:

Freshman: 24 points

Sophomores: 47 points

Juniors: 21 points

Seniors: 46 points


CLASS SCOREBOARD (updated 3/4/19)



Class Cup Schedule (Stay Tuned for more events being added on)

10/21: Ugly Christmas Sweater Day



More to be announced!!

Class Cup Trophy

Class Cup Rules

Class Cup is a competition that was put into place to establish Class Pride.  Throughout the year, classes will be competing for points with a variety of events. After each event is done, points will be added onto the Class Cup Totals.


At the end of the year, the Class with the most amount of points will have their Class Name engraved onto the Trophy and be presented the Cup.


How to Earn Points: Point Break Down

- Class Competitions such as Rally Games & Class Stands Decorating

  • 1st Place - 200

  • 2nd Place - 150

  • 3rd Place - 100

  • 4th Place - 50

- Lunch Time Games

  • 1st Place - 100
  • 2nd Place - 75
  • 3rd Place - 50
  • 4th Place - 25

- Spirit Days/Sporting Games (Spirit Days: Must be dressed up at least 2/3s to the theme)

  •  Points will be given by the percentage of class participation multiplied by 5.

    • Example:  If the Sophomore Class has 60% check in participation, the Sophomore class would receive 300 points

Spirit Days: Students must check in to the Class Cup table in front of the gym on the academic mall during lunch.

Designated Sporting Events: Students must check in at the Class Cup table at the game. Student who wear Sage Creek Gear to the game as well will earn an extra bonus check in.

  • Example if 10 seniors go to the game and all wear Sage Creek Gear, they would constitute 20 check ins vs. 10 check ins with No Sage Creek Gear.