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My Family
My Family
Our cats, Machito and Karuna
Top of Mt. Baldy
Top of Mt. Baldy

Frank Henry-Reyes

Welcome / Profile

Hello Bobcat Nation! I feel so fortunate to be continuing as a Bobcat here at Sage Creek, for my second year as a Social Studies teacher. This is my second year as an educator and I have been learning so much through engaging with my students and teaching the important aspects of World History, U.S. History, AP European History, and AVID. 


I know this year specifically is an odd/surprising/concerning/(fill in the blank) year, but I believe as Bobcats you all are ready for it! Remember: We are stronger together. 


A couple of things about myself: I am from Escondido, CA and I currently live there now. I love my hometown and I am excited to start a family here. Speaking of which, my wife and I will be having our first child in December, a boy, which will be a huge and amazing change in our lives. 


I love to camp, hike, and explore in general, while also enjoying a good historical fiction or philosophy book to read. My favorite thing to do, however, is to discuss important and interesting issues with open-minded and curious individuals. 


Regarding teaching, I chose this path because I take great honor and enjoyment in helping young people become critical thinking and engaged citizens, while helping them grapple with the important issues that face them today. There are many significant events happening all around us (especially today!) and engaging critically and honestly with them is essential. 

Teaching Experience

Teacher at Sage Creek High School (Carlsbad Unified School District):

2019 - present


Substitute Teacher (Carlsbad and San Marcos Unified Districts):

2018 - 2019

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Google Classroom Codes

AVID 11: 3xxs75x

AP Euro: 6et7nje