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  • Seniors will  complete a "Senior Check-Out Form" prior to graduation.
  • Students will indicate where to send their final transcript.
  • Final transcripts will be submitted electronically via Naviance or by mail to the appropriate colleges no later than June 30th of each school year.


for current students

  • CURRENT students requesting a transcript must bring their Student ID into the Registrar's office. 
  • SENIORS requesting a transcript for a college or Scholarship application MUST complete a Transcript Request Form
  • ATHLETES requesting a transcript for NCAA & NAIA please note: Year end transcripts for Junior and Senior students will be submitted to NCAA & NAIA by June 30th each school year for students who are registered with these organizations.

for former students

Former Sage Creek High students can request an Official Transcript by submitting a Transcript Request Form or by email to 

Please provide the following information with your request:
  1. First and Last Name (used at SCHS)
  2. Date of Birth
  3. Graduation Year or last year attended
  4. Recipients Name (ie University/College or Parent/Student) and mailing address