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Forming a New Club

Clubs will be recognized when they have been approved by the following:

  1. ASB Student Council
  2. Sage Creek High School Administration
  3. The Carlsbad Unified School district Board of Education


Steps to Become an Official Club:

  1. Complete the following documents:

When submitting electronic club constitutions, please grant access to,,, and

  1. Submit these 4 documents to Mrs. Tapia, ASB Advisor.  Documents submitted should hardcopy.  A digital constitution must be e-mailed to
  2. The ASB Student Council will review and provide initial approval for all complete applications fulfilling ASB guidelines.
  3. The Sage Creek administration will review all documents and do one of two things: 1) Approve the Club Application documents or 2) Deny the Club Application and communicate with Club President and Club Advisor.


Club Applications approved by the ASB Student Council and the Sage Creek Administration will be submitted to the CUSD Board of Education for final approval.  CUSD Board meeting happen once a month, so new clubs may have a waiting period before becoming officially approved. An e-mail will be sent when official charter is approved by CUSD.

Clubs looking for Renewal

Clubs will be renewed when they have been approved by the following:

  1. ASB Student Council
  2. Sage Creek High School Administration


Steps for Renewing a Club

  1. Complete the following documents:
  2. Submit these 4 documents to Mrs. Tapia, ASB Advisor.  Documents should be submitted in digital and hardcopy.​
  3. The ASB Student Council will review and provide initial approval for all complete applications fulfilling ASB guidelines.
  4. The Sage Creek administration will review all documents and do one of two things: 1) Approve the Club Application documents or 2) Deny the Club Application and communicate with Club President and Club Advisor.



Club Announcements


-When submitting electronic club constitutions, please grant access to,,, and


All clubs please complete this google form to have your club on the list below: 

SCHS Club Calendar

2017-2018 Clubs


RENEWED CLUBS Purpose President President Email Advisor Meeting Time
Academic League To provide opportunities for competition and social interaction with and outside of Sage Creek High School through Academic League practices and competitions.  Dakota Coddington Kramar Tues. and Thurs. @lunch
American Red Cross Club To prepare the community and school in case of any emergency and to provide a safe environment in case of a disaster. Provide blood donations and other first aid and safety training.  Susanna Anil McLean Last Tues. of the month @lunch
ASL Honors Society To be a community service based club for the deaf community and academic excellence.  Logan McAdnrews Newsom Mondays at lunch in 3305
AVID To organize fundraisers to raise money for AVID events. Gisselle Ortiz Salah/Solis Wednesdays at lunch in 3303
Beach Volleyball  To provide an alternative to indoors by promoting playing and having fun while competing in beach volleyball. Bret Alvarez Kramar Tuesdays and Thursdays 3:30-5:30 at Carlsbad State Beach
Biomedical Science Club To prepare students for careers in the biomedical sciences field and contribute through volunteering through the medical community.  Alexis McBride Park Thursdays at lunch in 1203
Chess Club To teach and learn the game of chess and the analytics.  Victor Li Porter Fridays at lunch
Club Club To create a group of students who feel associated with everyone in said group. This need for connection is essential for any students state of mind.  Minh Vu Co Tuesdays at lunch in 3301
Community Arts Club To integrate the arts into the community by providing our services to its members. Olivia DeCaro Herrick Thursdays in room 5102
Creative Writing Club To provide a safe space for students to express themselves and explore their creativity through writing.  Alexandra Morel Merino-Ott Mondays at lunch in 2305
Culinary Arts Club Exchange knowledge about cooking, enhance friendships, and to promote healthy lifestyles through good eating and cooking habits. Tristin Hoffman Bachman Tuesdays, 2:45-4:00 in 3206
Dance Company To support Sage Creek High School by providing uplifting entertainment at both school events and our annual shows. Alex Morel, Erin Paulin, Chloe Easterbrook   Chrisman Mondays 2:30-3:00 in 5001
Debate Club The purpose shall be to develop skills of rhetoric and provide a space to facilitate and participate in discussions focused around current events. Michelle Barnett Griesbach Tuesdays at lunch in 1205
Drama Club To fundraise and to support the growth of all Sage Creek theatre programs and students. Allison DelGrande Porter Every other tuesday ot lunch in 5101
Fellowship of Christian Athletes to provide a place for students to find fellowship and grow together in faith as a school Emma McHale Sanderson Wednesdays at lunch in 2201
Film Critics Club To give professional film critism to older and recent movies. To teach students how to create short film projects and teach them the art of film making. Christopher Francis Beauchemp Nourani Mondays after school in 2306
Gender and Sexuality Alliance To build a safe environment and welcoming community for LGTBQ+ students, and to spread positivity and kindness and acceptance throughout our campus. Frances Parrott Hunter Fridays at lunch in 2300
Harry Potter Alliance To bring together a group of people with a common interest and enjoy that common interest and to learn how to be politically active and find volunteer opportunities.  Kendall Schubert Kuehl Tuesdays at lunch in 2303
Interact Club To join students together in a positive atmosphere geared towards building leadership skills and improving our community through local and international volunteer work.  Jessica Vanni Myers
Thursdays at lunch in 2307
International Soccer Supporters Club The spread the culture of the most popular sport in the world throughout the community and beyond.  Nicholas Sonck Manente Wednesdays at lunch in1203
Key Club To provide members with opportunities to provide service, build character and develop leadership. Jade Huynh Bachman Every other Tuesday at lunch in 1204
Link Crew To help freshmen transition successfully to high school, as well as to develop leadership skills.     Salah, Andersson, Kuehl Once a tri after school in the gym
Local Love Charity Club to volunteer and contribute to charities while instilling values of generosity and passion in young adults in our community. Zareena Boknari Alberts Mondays at lunch in 2304
Math Team To represent Sage Creek High School in math competitions and promote STEM focus of our school. Emma McHale Griesbach Mondays at lunch in 1205
Mitchell Thorp Foundation Club To support the Mitchell Thorp Foundation events and raise awarness on campus by contributing our time, creativity, and service. Zachary Shubert Hungerford First Tuesday of the month at lunch in 3202
Model United Nations To learn about the UN and practice public  speaking, debating, and problem solving. Carlie Lussenden Peterson Tuesdays and Thursdays at lunch in 2202
Multicultural Student Association To bring students from different cultures together to learn about their cultural identities and to foster an appreciation for the rich tradition and beliefs of other cultures Alyssa Sevidal Williams Every other Monday at lunch in 3302
National Honors Society To encourage students to be devoted and enthusiastic about scholarships, establish a  passion for service to the community, to promote leadership, and encourage character development and prosperity.  Mary Grace Feldmann Anderson One Thursday a month in the gym
Outreach For Nazareth Orphanage To create awareness of orphans globally, to support the kids at Nazareth Orphanage through acts of servant leadership in the SCHS community, and to positively impact the greater community. Joseph Kirven Hunter Second Tuesday of the month at lunch in 2300
Photography Club To visually present individual skills in photography and learn techniques as a group to enter contests as well as have fun with friends. Megan Radzinski Keyes Every other Friday in 1304
Robotics Club To allow students to learn about STEM, management, documentation, and other skills in a FIRST FTC robotics team. Danylo Drohobytsley Moezzi Wednesdays from 6:30pm-8:30pm in 3206
Seminary Club To study the scriptures of the LDS church (Book of Mormon and Bible) Jerem Porter Woolley

6:25 am

on normal days and 7:25 on late start in


Spoken Word Poetry Club To improve and encourage the work of student poets, and introduce a lesser known art form to the SC community.  Georgena Luiso Fett Wednesdays at lunch in room 2301
Surf Team To get students involved in surfing! Kamden Miller Loevenguth Thursdays from 3:30-5:00 at Dip in The Road or Grandview
TED Ed  To help students hone public speaking skills and practice writing speeches.  Bella Phillips Myers Tuesday at lunch in Myers room
Young Leaders in Healthcare To educate high school students on potential careers in the medical field and inform them of current healthcare topics.  Mary Feldman Alberts First Thursday of each month 6-8pm Scripps Hospital Encinitas Conference Room
Younglife To promote the ministry of Younglife and create a place where all are welcome and can be themselves. Daniel Rubin  Kuehl

Mondays at lunch in 2303

Youth Rising/No Place For Hate To promote tolerance and to teach ways of acceptance. Avalon Call Simon Every other Thursday at lunch in 1306


Purpose President President Email Advisor Meeting Time
90s Club To re-establish the awesome feeling of nostalgia through relics of the 1990s and 2000s like video games, American movies, animes, magazines, technology and old TV shows. Andrew Coviello Hungerford Thursdays during lunch in Hungerford's room
Amelioration Club To create an environment for kids who have passion in the field of development and innovations; allow them to share their ideas without fear of accusation.  Sam Liu Fieberg  Fridays at lunch in 1305
Black Student Union To strive towards academic excellence with the use of unity and resources, for black students to become effective citizens in their communities.  Elena Reynolds Williams, A Every other Wednesday in 3302
Board Games Club To introduce unique board games to club participants and spread board game culture. Keith Pereira Greisbach Wednesdays in 1205
Bobcat Buddies To interact with kids that have autism, so that they can have the chance to play sports and have fun. Ethan Hope Porter Every other Monday in 2302
Carlsbad Sister-City Ambassadors To create active and meaningful connections between Carlsbad and its students and comparable yet internationally dispersed communities.  Danylo Drohobytsky Tamayo Wednesdays during lunch 2204
Choir Club To help prospective students/aspiring vocalists to sing, rap, beatbox, and more. To make it comfortable for each person to be confident in their skills and perform.  Tiffany Tran Hunter Mondays at lunch in 2300
Conservation Club To discover a passion for environmental and animal conservation through outdoor activities, volunteer work, and exploring conservation careers. Meghan Kim Manente Thursdays after school in 1202
California Scholarship Federation   Andrea Fett   Fett 1 time per trimester in 2301
Educators Rising To inspire young adults to become future educators.  Jacobo Navarro Tamayo Mondays at Lunch in 2204
Engineering Club To promote the PLTW engineering pathway and engineering in general through projects and outreach, while assisting the students in engineering classes with tutoring.  Joseph Kirven Gamelin Twice a month at lunch in 3300
Environmental Club To connect local and world issues to the actions of the bobcat community and encourage students to become leaders in environmental preservation.  Emily Blakeman Goode Tuesday at lunch in 1307
Fashion Club To inspire and mentor students who are interested in pursuing careers in fashion. We will learn about fashion shows, DIY, and fashion sketching.  Alba Chavez Nourani Every Tuesday in 2306
Finance Club To educate students on the world of finance and provide a professional setting for students. Mitchell Benner Co Every other Wednesday at lunch in 2201
Foreign Language Club To teach students about the intricacies of language, language families, and how language has developed. Linguistics will also be a topic. Benjamin Trust Roth Tuesdays at lunch in 3203
Grub Club To gather food-lovers and chefs across the school to eat and talk about food in a friendly and open environment.  Taylor Riley Tamayo Mondays at lunch in 2204
Hiking Club To introduce students and members to the wonders of hiking and nature. We aim to create a community of active members and uphold a standard of respect for our health and the grand outdoors. Lukas Weaver Porter Wednesdays at lunch in 2302
Home Economics Club To teach students life skills that foster independence and maturity. Chase Knowland McLean Wednesday at lunch in 1206
Improv Club To develop public speaking skills, icebreaker skills, quick thinking, develop collaborative skills, and to have fun. Kaitlyn Korn Porter Every other Thursday at lunch in  3203
Jazz Club To create an organized jazz ensemble and to expand upon knowledge of jazz musical theory and style. Tessa Witkofsky Quinones Wednesday 7:25am in the music room
Kind Card Club To create handmade cards which will then be delivered to Rady Children's Hospital. Riley Arsenault Hunter

Last Thursday of every month at lunch in 2300

La Posada Outreach Club To aid the La Posada homeless shelter and it's residents through activities such as volunteering, donation drives, and other assorted events run by the la Posada Club's student members. Michael Croft McLean Second Monday of the month at lunch in 1206
Latin American Dance Club To teach students how to dance to Latin Amercan music as well as the background to specific genres. Angel Zayas-Vargas Turner

Mondays after school

in 1200

Mana To develop and enhance/improve the leadership, health, and college enrollment of Latina students at SCHS as well as organize group Service Learning projects.  TBD TBD Salah Tuesdays at lunch in 3303
Mobile App Development Club To teach interested students the basics of coding an ios app so they can help work on the Sage Creek App and pass it down to future generations.  Tyler Jung Moezzi Fridays 3:00-4:00PM in 5104
Music Composition Club To encourage students to either learn to play an instrument that we provide, or to provide students with a chance to put their music on a streaming platform. Tyler Overbey Porter Wednesdays after school in 2302
Music Theory Club To learn more advanced music theory than offered during class, and to review and study established knowledge and concepts learned in Instrumental Music, Wind Ensemble, Orchestra, and Choir classes. Gabriella Tassinari Quinones Tuesday at lunch in 5003
Muslim Student Assn. To promote unity and educate people about differences. Fawziyah Khatri Alberts 2304
Orchestra   Heidi Gertzki Quinones Daily during 2nd period in 5003
Philosophy Club To study the philosophies of the past and present and to discuss the fundamental nature of knowledge, reality, and existence. Isha Soni Bloomquist Mondays at lunch in 2205
Positivity Club To ensure that students feel comfortable on campus, even with negative action and/or comments. Tyler Jones Tamayo Wednesdays at lunch in  2204
Project Latino To celebrate and learn about Latino heritage and give back to the community.  Jacobo Navarro Tamayo/Salah  
Role Playing Games Club To introduce Sage Creek students to the wonderful world of cooperative storytelling and role playing games. Alex Mathios Hungerford Mondays after school in 3204
Simply Science Club To further educate young children on science and to teach them new science facts and how to conduct an experiment.  Grace Hayashi Park  
Space Club To serve as a community for students to learn more about and share a passion for space. Lara Stettler Keyes Fridays 2:45-3:45 in 1303
Swim Club To train, practice, and discuss swimming in preparation for the next swim season. We will learn how to analyze different strokes. Preston Cheng Savage Fridays at lunch in the wrestling room
Table Tennis Club To provide the opportunity to play table tennis during lunch to all students. Nathan Pereira Fett Every other monday in the gym
Venture Club To encourage students to broaden their horizons by trying something new every meeting.  Ananya Thyagarajan Manente Wednesday at lunch in 1202
Vocal Music   Gabriella Tassinari Quinones Daily during 1st period in 5003
We are One To create a safe environment for girls who struggle with personal issues. Isabelle Curran Hunter Wednesdays at lunch in 2300
You Just Got Served   Emily Kvitek Goode Every other Friday at lunch in 
Youth Success Club To support the growth of future leaders by aiding them in making real differences within their communities.  Sean Park Fieberg Every other monday at lunch in 1306

Club Minutes Form

Please use this form when submitting club minutes every month. Please copy and paste this form.




Here is an example of how they look when they are being submitted



Got A Fundraiser? Please Fill Out the Request Form

Make sure you fill out this form 2 WEEKS prior to distributing any materials:


2018-19 Fundraiser Form.pdf


Please print up and fill out then submit to Mrs. Tapia in Room 1207 or Mrs. South in the financial office in Room 3106


Check to make sure your dates are available that you want to fundraise on:

Calendar of Fundraising Events 18/19 School Year