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Test Center

Test Center Procedures

How do I arrange for testing accommodations?

1.  Meet with teacher within 1st week of trimester to discuss testing accommodations.

2   Meet with case manager to confirm that all teachers have been made aware of your accommodations.

How do I schedule to take a test in the Test Center?

1. At least 2 days prior to the test date you must complete the Test Center Request Google Form to make a reservation in the Test Center.  This ensures that someone will be available to assist administer your test and that your test is sent over to us.

2. Confirm with your teacher that you will be taking the test in the Test Center. 

What do I do on the day of the test?

1. Go to class to check in with teacher.  This will allow them to take attendance and possibly review for the test.  

2. When testing begins in your class excuse yourself and report to the Test Center (room 2212--the SSS Department pod).

What do I do when I arrive at the Test Center?

1. Sign the log book.

2. Make sure all devices are turned off and put away. 

3. Get your test from the Test Center Coordinator. 

4. Ask for help when needed!

What do I do when I am finished with the test?

1. Turn your test into the test center staff.

2. Your test will be returned to your teacher at the end of the day.

What is the Test Center?

The Test Center is available to students who have an alternative setting accommodation written into their Individualized Educational Plan, or IEP.  At the beginning of each trimester students are encouraged to meet with their teachers and discuss the use of the test center.   Students who do not meet with teachers and make arrangements prior to tests may not have access to the Test Center. Testing must be scheduled in advance to ensure that tests and staff are available to administer them during the testing period.  Requests made on the day of a test may not be granted.  Students submit requests to use the testing center online.  Any student with questions with regarding the use of the test center or the procedures should speak to their case manager.