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College Planning

The Counseling Department's goal is to ensure students feel prepared and confident navigating the college search and application process.

In Naviance, students have tools to research, plan and complete requirements for college applications.

Each year, a theme (learn, discover, explore, and launch) focuses students on tasks that will best prepare them for college success.

9th Grade – Learn

What does it take to go to college?

Learn about course requirements for applying to college

Learn the importance of getting off to a good start in high school

Learn how to get involved in extra-curricular activities related to your interests

10th Grade – Discover

What am I looking for in a college?

Discover how your interests and preferences relate to your college search

Discover which tests you will need for college applications

Discover local college options

Discover financial aid options

11th Grade – Explore

What are my college options?

Explore college options by using College Search tools in Naviance

Explore how to build my Colleges I'm Thinking About List in Naviance

Explore the difference between two vs. four year, public vs. private, and traditional vs. vocational

Explore requirements for the colleges you plan on applying to

12th Grade – Launch

How do I get into the college of my choice?

Prepare for college visits

Prepare for the college application process

Prepare college essays, requests for letter of recommendations, and FAFSA

Prepare to become a college student

College Admission Testing

College Planning

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