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2020-21 Graduation is June 10, 2021. Details forthcoming. disregard information below.

  • Graduation is a culmination of 13 years of schooling and the successful completion of high school graduation requirements.
  • The purpose of this letter is to provide graduating seniors and their families with important information regarding graduation.
  • Please remember that this is a celebratory time of year, however, participation in senior pranks and the violation of school rules may result in a senior not being allowed to participate in the graduation ceremony at SCHS.


Thursday, June 11, 2020 from 6:30-7:45 PM

SCHS Stadium, 3900 Cannon Road, Carlsbad, CA 92010 

Gates open at 5:00 PM

Parking Info & Shuttle

  • Since parking is highly limited on campus, families are encouraged to carpool to the graduation ceremony.
  • View map of parking logistics here.
  • Handicap Parking will be near the lower stadium entrance.
  • Electric carts will be available to take handicapped persons to special seating on the track.
  • One adult may accompany the handicapped individual.
  • In addition to parking at SCHS, we will have two shuttle buses continually looping from Calavera Middle School Parking Lot beginning at 4:15 PM and ending at 8:30 PM.
  • If you desire to use the shuttle service, please park at CHMS.


  • We are asking graduates to limit their parties to 10 attendees due to the capacity limitations of our stadium.
  • With that said, we are not issuing tickets so this will be difficult to enforce.
  • Our hope is that the families that are larger than ten will offset the families that are smaller than ten and it will all balance out in the end.
  • Seating for all attendees will be in our stadium.
  • Please remember sunglasses and an umbrella for before the ceremony begins due to looking into the sun.
  • Field Seating is for Sage Creek Staff and CUSD employees and field-tickets are required.

Check-In Process

  • Seniors need to check in between 5:00-5:30 PM in the Counseling Center, SCHS.
  • They are to only have their cap, gown, and minimal belongings which will be checked in and secured during the ceremony.
  • Students will be searched twice (once when entering the counseling center, and once before the ceremony) for alcohol/controlled substances, balloons, firecrackers, beach balls, etc.
  • Anyone carrying these items will be prohibited from participating in the ceremony.
  • Seniors will also be screened for sobriety at this time. Anyone under the influence will be prohibited from participating and turned over to the police department.

appropriate Dress

  • Graduation is a formal occasion and needs to be treated with dignity and class.
  • Boys should wear appropriate clothing such as dress pants and shirts with collars.
  • Boys are encouraged, but not required to wear ties. Girls must wear low heel or flat or shoes (because of artificial turf) and their choice of dress pants, skirts, or dresses.
  • Seniors may not alter their gown in any way and must carry the cap and gown on his or her arm upon entrance to the counseling center to check in.
  • Students are allowed to appropriately decorate their cap.
  • Seniors are permitted to wear leis but may not carry flowers.
  • The only sashes, cords, or other personalized items that may be worn over the gown must be issued by a recognized school organization and approved by the site administration.
  • Bobby pins (provided by the PTSA) may be necessary to hold the mortarboard (hat) on properly for both boys and girls.
  • Students should put the mortarboard on after the final security check in the cafeteria.
  • The top of the hat should be parallel to the ground. The tassel is worn over the right temple until the completion of the ceremony.
  • The Senior Class President will lead the class in the turning of the tassels to the left side at the conclusion of the ceremony.