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SCHS Finances

ASB Financial Role

Under the direction of an assigned administrator perform a variety of technical accounting duties in support of ASB high school accounts and functions; process, evaluate and record various transactions; maintain, balance, reconcile and adjust assigned accounts; prepare and maintain a variety of financial and statistical records and reports.



Before anyone makes a purchase, it must be approved by the club as well as ASB. A Check Request form must be filled out and an invoice from the vendor must be attached to the back of the form. There is a 2 week turnaround time for the checks to be processed and sent out. No reimbursements are accepted. 



When money is turned into a club, they must fill out a Deposit Summary Recap form as well as a Deposit form. The Recap form is a place for the club manager to  keep track of who brought in money and how much they brought in. The Deposit form is the form that is the total amount of all the money that will be deposited into the clubs account. 



A purchase order form is filled out, along with a order form from the vendor, to set aside funds for the items that will be purchased. Once the form is filled out, the Account Technician will set up the order in the Tracks system and will send the Purchase order number to the vendor, verifying the account has enough funds to purchase the items. After the items are received and accounted for, a check request form will be filled out and approved, then a check will be cut and sent to the vendor. 



A fundraiser form needs to be turned in 2 weeks before the date of the fundraiser. After the form is filled out, please turn it into Mrs. South in the Finance Office. It will be brought up to the ASB business meeting, Tuesday mornings, to be approved. Once it is approved the club Advisor will be notified. If it was not approved, there will be a small explanation as in why. From there, the club can decide if they would like ti make changes to the fundraiser and try to get it approved again or not. 


ASB Accounting Tech
Contact Jocelyn South  Jocelyn South (760) 331-6659 ASB Accounting Tech

Location: ADMIN Building, Room 3106

Hours: 7:00AM-3:30PM, Monday-Friday

Phone: 760-331-6659

Financial Office Information


The main office

Room 3106


Financial office hours:


7:00 am -3:30 pm 

Please call or email Mrs. South if you would like to make an appointment to speck with her.

(760) 331-6659

Finances Locker
Finances Locker