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SCHS Science Team
Tara Andersson (760) 331-6616 Science
James Fieberg (760) 331-6663 Science/Engineering-Science Dept. Chair
Courtney Goode (760) 331-6619 Science
Sarah Johnson (760) 331-6617 Science
Matt Keyes (760) 331-6615 Science
Allison Magee (760) 331-6612 Science
Don Pham (760) 331-6614 Science

Our Mission

Spark an interest and passion in science to become life-long problem solvers.

Our Vision

The science curriculum emphasizes the practice of wise freedom among our students through hands on inquiry. We emphasize the need for science classes to develop better thinkers in science and in life. Through application of learned knowledge, critical thinking and problem solving are stressed at a much higher level than basic rote learning of fact.

Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS)

A New Vision for Science Education

Please read the flyer for how science education is changing at SCHS and CUSD.

Science Course Sequences

College Placement (CP) Level Pathway

-CP Classes satisfy the “d” Lab Science UC/CSU requirement

-Option A is designed for students who feel Science has been difficult in the past.

-Option B is designed for students who have been successful in previous science classes with C’s or better.

-Students who meet pre-requisites can move up to AP Level the following years. (Ex. Chemistry to AP Chemistry)


Accelerated/AP Level Pathway

-College level classes for advanced students wishing to earn AP credit and consistently earn A grades in science classes.

-High level of rigor and pace.

-A summer pre-requisite assignment will be assigned prior to starting each AP class.

-Students complete 3 years of Science in their 9th and 10th grade years.  Biology, Chemistry, and AP Biology.



9th Grade

10th Grade

11th Grade

12th Grade

CP Option A

Fund. of Biology




Marine Science

CP Option B



Marine Science


Marine Science


Accelerated/ AP Level

Biology and Chemistry

AP Biology 


Marine Science


AP Physics 1            

AP Chemistry      

AP Physics 1

AP Chemistry          


Science Course Syllabi

Lab Reports

Science Textbooks Available Online

CAST Test Information and Practice

AP Summer Assignments

Science olympiad